QuickBuy® is a program offered in our market exclusively through the F.C. Tucker Company, Inc. that allows for a faster, guaranteed sale of your home. You may have heard of iBuyer or Instant Offer programs in markets around the country. QuickBuy® is Tucker’s version of those programs. QuickBuy® is not for every seller, but is ideal for those who want to forgo the traditional sales process and the showings and time involved and prefer a guarantee for which they are willing to forgo a portion of the sale price.


Qualified Tucker agents who have been trained in QuickBuy® can offer you a traditional sales process involving marketing, showings, potential repairs and exposure of the property in the hopes of obtaining the highest possible sales price or a QuickBuy® process. In a QuickBuy® process you sell the property “as is” in as little as 14 days and forgo, on average, 10% of the sale price as a result.


As a full service company, F.C. Tucker Company, Inc. will connect you with a local real estate expert to help you sell your home. Email us at quickbuy@talktotucker.com to get started with our QuickBuy® program. Our franchise offices are independently owned and operated. Please contact quickbuy@talktotucker.com to find out which of our franchise offices are participating in the QuickBuy® program.